Joint Statement Out of Home Care

Ben S

Following the devastating loss of a 10-year-old Indigenous boy in state care, Thirrili, alongside other prominent Indigenous mental health organisations, have collaborated on a joint media statement. We urgently implore Federal and State Governments to prioritise investments in social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) and mental health support for Indigenous children.

Model of Care PDF


Our model centres Country we are Country in the centre you can also see the person as Country. Country allows season storms, drought, desolation etc, it is strong and remains sometimes, beautifully and abundant and sometimes brutalised and abused. If we see ourselves the same way, we allow all the seasons storms, sunshine etc in our lives to move around … Read More

Thirrili Way PDF


The Thirrili Way is more than a strategic framework; it is a living testament to our commitment to culturally informed care, guided by the voices of lived experience and the strength of community. It’s a journey we undertake together, respecting the sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and honoring the trust they place in us. 

Constitution PDF


The Principal Purpose of Thirrili is to contribute to the broader social wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are disadvantaged by reducing the high rates of suicide through designing, delivering and operating a critical response system to help affected individuals and their extended families cope with suicides and traumatic incidents in their community.

Strategic Direction PDF


Thirrili is a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that is led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, being and doing. As an Aboriginal and Torres Islander Community Controlled Organisation, we recognise the strengths of our communities and our strong responsibility to support communities in the aftermath of suicide or unexpected fatal incidents.