Thirrili provides expert, evidence-informed research advice to drive systems change and influence policy development and program design leading to improvements in the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities.

Anything Community-led is systems change. This approach involves a continual process of reflection, evaluation, and adaptation - advocating for practices and policies evolve with the lived experiences, values, and knowledges of Indigenous communities. Thirrili allows for practices to be revisited and refined through a cultural lens, affirming the community's identity and sovereignty.

Our Systems Change Priorities

Influencing Policy

•Provide expert, evidence-informed advice to influence policy development and program design.

•Contribute to a range of policy spaces and debates in Australia that affect the lives of First Nations people.


•Build an evidence base to guide best practice in suicide prevention and inform systems change.

•Sharing key priorities, issues and knowledge that enhances the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.


•Prioritising key actions to reduce political, social, and historical barriers to reform and change of colonial systems.

•Identify service gaps and target support to strengthen vulnerable communities and respect wellbeing Songlines.

Program Evaluation

•Evaluate the effectiveness and continuous improvement of postvention programs.

•Measure practices and services contribute to healing, reduce the incidence of trauma, and mitigate the risk of suicide.

Knowledge Translation

•Respect and prioritise Indigenous ways of Knowing and Doing in suicide prevention and community capacity building.

•Develop and communicate appropriate information in diverse ways to ensure it is accessible to everyone.


•Promote and elevate the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at all levels of Australian society.

•Campaign and raise consciousness at the highest levels about the need for systems change and decolonial approaches to suicide prevention.