At Thirrili, we believe that all are welcome, everyone belongs, and we each have a positive contribution to make. These are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural values that are deeply embedded in our organisation and all that we do.

We understand and acknowledge that the experiences of racism, colonisation, and intergenerational trauma may impact a community’s worldview and their relationship to our service. Our approach is therefore neutral, transparent and committed. We allow time for building trust and readiness, and we support communities in taking the lead in all planning and decision-making. We share our expertise and perspectives, and act as advocates for a community, connecting them with suitable resources and experiences.

Community capacity building is a grassroots approach that aims for sustainable solutions. Our goal is to help communities become resilient and able to take action to reduce suicide. Our process involves:

  • informal events, to allow us to meet community members, observe discussions and build relationships
  • the development and implementation of a postvention plan
  • ongoing support and frequent review meetings
  • the development and implementation of a Community Innovation Action Plan – key steps a community can take to build their capacity to support themselves
  • facilitating Family Healing Camps
  • establishing Lived Experience Groups
  • connecting with other NGOs and related government departments to enhance collaborative service responses to community needs
  • planning for stepped back support as communities become more self-sufficient

Collective – By invitation, support community-led decision-making.

Respectful – Work with communities under their protocols, at their direction.

Reciprocal – Provide support and service when communities grant their trust.

Relationship based – Understand and respect that relationships with individuals, families and communities are based on care which continues to reach beyond one incident or event, and is founded in our shared identity as First Nations peoples.

Diverse – Remain inclusive and accessible to everyone and reflect the complex composition of First Nations communities in Australia.