Our Cultural Values

To the Bunuba people, Thirrili carries a profound meaning: power and strength. It's not just a name; it's the very essence of who we are. We draw power and strength from our deep ancestral connection to Country, and we try to honour this in every aspect of our work. We aim to create space where peace and hope can thrive, blending the old ways with new beginnings.

At Thirrili, we believe in being a collective force, ensuring that decisions are always community-led. Respect and reciprocity are our guiding principles, and we grant support and services only when families place their trust in us. Together, as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we celebrate our diversity and strive to be inclusive and accessible to all, reflecting the rich tapestry of our communities across Australia.

Thirrili Cultural value Statement

To the BunubaThirrili means power and strength,this is the essence of Thirrili.

Through our ancient and collective knowing we draw from our deep ancestral connection to country; we derive strength and power from her in all ways. We honor this connection that reminds us of our sovereignty, working in ways that respect and rekindle our cultural values of relationship and reciprocity. Through the healing smoke from fire, we find space to remember peace and hope, bringing new days to our old ways.

Our cultural values are embedded into all aspects of our organisation. We are:

  • Collective, working with communities by invitation to support community led decision making,
  • Respectful, working with communities under their protocols, at their direction,
  • Reciprocal, ensuring we provide support and service when communities grant us their trust,
  • Relationship based: we understand, and respect that our relationship with individuals, families and communities is based on a continuum of care which reaches beyond any one incident or event, and is founded in our shared identity as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Diverse, our organisation reflects the complex composition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia, is inclusive and accessible to all.