Thirrili Newsletter December 2021 – Volume 2 Issue 12

I would like to welcome our readers back. I hope you and your families are keeping safe and healthy in these challenging times, and I wish you a happy and fulfilled 2022. I am standing in for the CEO for now, until the Board appoints our next leader. You will know from our last issue, Jacqueline McGowan-Jones has been appointed the Commissioner for Children and Young People for Western Australia. We were sad to see Jac leave, but happy that she has accepted such a challenge, as we know she is more than equal to the task.



June 2024
SANE and Thirrili are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership to enhance support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, families, and communities affected by suicide or trauma. This collaboration...
June 2024
Thirrili is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Ms. Kerry Colbung (PSM). A proud Kokatha woman from South Australia, Kerry brings a wealth of experience across community,...
May 2024
Despite numerous appeals and growing evidence of the effectiveness of suicide postvention and prevention services, the government has not taken sufficient action to ensure that these organisations and their programs...