Joan Washington

Standby Coordinator Northern Territory

Joan brings a wealth of experience to her role at StandBy NT. She has more than 15 years’ experience in working with children and young people, individuals, families and communities affected by trauma and is an experienced case manager of complex clients, including torture and trauma survivors and asylum seekers.

In addition to her direct service skills and experience, Joan’s professional history includes extensive community development with local communities, program coordination and management roles, research and writing experience for reporting, articles in various publications, and workshop development. Joan is a passionate educator and is experienced in the development and delivery of workshops relating to the effects of trauma, long term advocacy and coordination with other relevant stakeholders. She has delivered training in various settings, including Bachelor Institute of Indigenous Education and more recently in youth justice where the focus was on understanding the impact of trauma and adolescence and building resilience. During the East Timor crisis of 2006, Joan coordinated a Red Cross emergency response program for East Timorese nationals fleeing Timor in 2006 and being airlifted into Darwin.

Joan is passionate about working with trauma survivors and loves working with diversity and difference. She says “I find I learn and develop from every client. I feel that they give me back so much more than I do for them and I am always inspired by the strength of people who I work with”.

She holds a Graduate Diploma in Education (Adult/Vocational), a Bachelor degree (Social Sciences) and has qualifications in nursing and migration law.