Story of Thirrili

Thirrili is a Bunuba word which means power and strength.

When Founding Director and Inaugural Chief Executive Adele Cox first started having conversations about the idea and concept of a not-for-profit organisation that could lead the way in addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention and postvention, she had one of these conversations with her Aunty, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar AO, who suggested the term Thirrili. This symbolised the nature of the work that had to be done, but it also acknowledged the cultural links and lineage of Adele who is a Bunuba and Gija woman.

Since establishment in early 2017, Thirrili has taken on the role of being the national provider of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-specific postvention support and assistance, as well as providing support and assistance with the evaluation of the Federal Government’s National Suicide Prevention Trial Sites, amongst many other smaller roles and contributions.

Thirrili Ltd has tried to embody the true meaning of its name by operating from a strengths-based approach and providing support to empower the individuals, families and communities we work with.