Christine Elliot

National Indigenous Postvention Advocate (Kimberley region WA)

I am from the Jaru Nation located in the desert area near Halls Creek, and my skin group is Nagarra. 
I have lived in Halls Creek, Geraldton, Perth, and recently relocated to Kununurra. I have mainly worked in government, but also worked in several community organisations. I have an Associate Diploma in Aboriginal Community Management and Development from the Curtin University of Technology, Perth. 

My family  background includes my Grandfather and Father being drovers; having both done the droving trek from the East Kimberley Region to Queensland.  My mother was a coauthor and a voice active in social justice; and was involved at the very early stages of setting up, and continued to be  involved in the key Aboriginal organisations that operate in  the Kimberley region today. The remnants of  lives of my parents and grandparents became the shoulders on which the next generation could stand on.

I was drawn to Thirrili as I previously worked as the Manager of a Residential Care Home. The residential care homes worked under the Sanctuary Framework, being trauma informed. Living and working in harsh environment we are confronted with the trauma our people endure on a daily basis. Having previously worked in the space with children. Thirrili has opened the door and given me the opportunity to now work with individuals, families and communities. 

On a lighter note I enjoy travelling and visiting new places, as well as visiting our favourite places on country.